Consultation has concluded

September 2020: Following an extensive four stage community consultation process, at its Ordinary Meeting on 8 September 2020, Council adopted the West Footscray Community Facilities Plan and following recommendation:

That Council:

  1. Adopts the West Footscray Community Facilities Plan 2020 and authorises the commencement of;
  2. Necessary site planning and due diligence through an environmental audit and risk assessment of landfill ground conditions, inclusive of geotechnical investigations
  3. Upon completion of site condition and risk assessment, commence the schematic design process
  4. Advocate for State and Federal funding to support implementation of the Master Plan

The West Footscray Community Facilities Plan will accommodate a mix of current and future users to address the needs of a growing population, and reinforces the importance of RecWest, Shorten, Barrett and Johnson Reserves as primary open spaces and recreation facilities in West Footscray, and being critical to the wellbeing of residents.

We look forward to continual engagement with the local community as the projects progress.

Please note – a masterplan is a high level visionary planning document that provides a conceptual layout only. Elements of the plans can and are likely to change as detailed designs progress.

To watch the 8 September 2020 Ordinary Council Meeting livestream, please visit the website here

West Footscray Community Facilities Plan feedback form

Consultation has concluded