Future-proofing the Yarraville Gardens Precinct

Boasting a rich history, the Yarraville Gardens Precinct (the Gardens) is the earliest, intact public reserve in our municipality - pre-dating Footscray Park as a major recreational precinct.

The treasured expanse of recreational area, covering just under eight hectares, encompasses Yarraville Gardens, Barbara Beyer Reserve, Cuming Reserve, and Hanmer Reserve, with the Yarraville Tennis Reserve adjacent.

Originally designated for a botanical garden in 1859 it was only in 1906 that the area started to be developed when prominent industrialist, and philanthropist, James Cuming, a former Mayor, offered to pay to develop around half an acre (0.2 of a hectare) of ornamental gardens. Cuming Reserve, as this area became known, now hosts a statue in his memory.

The Precinct includes pathways that evolved from the early 20th century linking key areas. Over time gravel paths were replaced by asphalt surfaces, but the historic rock edges have mostly survived,

As we look to the future, we're starting a conversation to see how we can enhance and improve the Precinct so residents can continue to enjoy this space for years to come.

Specifically, we're keen to hear:

  • What do you love about the Gardens?
  • What are the places that are special to you?
  • What areas do you think could be improved?
  • Is there anything missing or something we could look to include?

Your feedback will help shape the development of a draft Master Plan that we'll share back for further feedback in 2024.

We are now considering your feedback with a view to sharing an update once it becomes available.

Check out our first Changing Places Facility

We're turning the existing toilet block at the Gardens into the first ever 'Changing Places Facility' in our municipality.

Changing Places facilities are larger than standard accessible toilets with extra features and more space to meet the needs of people with disability and their carers.

You can view the Concept Design by clicking on the 'We're upgrading the toilet block' button at the top right-hand side of this page.

Join the conversation

  • Share your ideas, stories and memories

    Let us know how you and your family enjoy this space - share any memories, pictures, or ideas on the wall below.

  • Chat to us in person

    Meet the team at the Yarraville Gardens to learn more or ask questions onsite at the Toilet Block:

    • Wednesday
      25 October 12:00 pm
    • Saturday
      28 October 10:00 am
    • Wednesday
      1 November 4:00 pm
  • Learn more about the Toilet Block

Explore The Garden Precinct

Aerial map of the Yarraville Gardens Precinct


The history of the Yarraville Gardens

Click on each dot to reveal a new chapter in the history of the precinct. For more details see the 'Yarraville Gardens Conservation Plan' in the document library.