The projected capital works budget for 2022/23, is $83.38 million which includes multi-year projects from 2021/22. This would provide for a robust yet responsible capital works schedule that allows Council to meets the needs and aspirations of a growing community while strategically planning to ensure a sustainable future.

Key projects by Asset class for 2022/23 include:

  • $19.588 million to improve Council-owned roads and laneways across the municipality
  • $12.1 million for new major projects – see Major Projects 2022/23 information here
  • $6.150 million to build and maintain new footpaths and cycleways across the City
  • $9.214 million for parks, open spaces, reserves and streetscapes in capital improvements
  • $2 million in subsurface drainage improvements
  • $2.172 million for recreational, leisure and community facilities
  • $500k for street car parks and other infrastructure
  • $425k for waste management

Want to understand more about how it is proposed the capital works budget is spent in your area? See the information below identified for each Ward. The breakdowns below reflect an allocation that is equitable, not necessarily equal, and is based on a range of factors including community needs and priorities highlighted in conversations on the Proposed Annual Budget, the Annual and the Financial Plan and shared with us in the Annual Community Satisfaction Survey.

River Ward

Yarraville Ward

Stony Creek Ward

For a more detailed breakdown of the proposed capital works spend, download a copy of the Proposed Annual Budget 2022/23 and Draft Budget Companion document.