An allocation of $123.5 million is proposed to support the delivery of services to the community.

Along with things like the maternal child health and immunisation services for children and families, arts and cultural experiences, library and community centre activities and events, and community festivals and activations of public spaces; this also covers the management of Council-owned buildings, planning services, maintenance of our road network, and bicycle and pedestrian paths; and economic development.

A full breakdown and proposed expenses are provided under section 2 of the Proposed Annual Budget 2022/23.

Below is a snapshot of some of the key areas and further details about the services they provide:

$3.7 million is proposed for Maternal Child Health and Immunisation services which includes assessments, support and referrals for the key stages of pre-school aged children; support and services for those experiencing domestic violence and children and families at risk; along with establishing and delivering new parents groups, breast feeding support and free immunisation programs.

$1.34 million is proposed for Youth services. This includes services and events that support the development and wellbeing of young people aged 12-25, including those offered at Phoenix Youth Hub; along with the delivery of strategic planning, advocacy and partnerships.

$1.17 million is proposed for Early Years services for the delivery of services to infants, children and young people, which includes things like administration of child care and kindergarten programs, delivery of events and programs children and new parents, and the overall delivery of the Family Strengthening Strategy.

$4.2 million is proposed for Civil Works which includes the maintenance of roads, footpaths, road reserves and underground drainage infrastructure – as outlined as a community priority by residents in conversations about the Asset Plan, Council Plan 2021-25 and the Financial Plan. It also supports the implementation of the Road Management Plan, maintenance of the Road Register and the delivery of the overall maintenance program.

$3.8 million is proposed for Facilities Management which considers the ongoing management of Council buildings and includes things like building maintenance and renewal works, along with the management and implementation of public lighting throughout the municipality.

$3.1 million is proposed for City Planning, which includes $125k for Active Transport Planning. City Planning provides statutory planning services like approvals, permits and advice, enforcement of permits, and strategic planning to accommodate the growing community and housing needs. Additionally active transport planning is focused on improving bicycle and walking networks throughout the municipality, and the management of the Active Transport Advisory Committee.

$5.1 million is proposed for Library Services and will include the management and delivery of library services and events, the library collection, and community learning and literacy programs with local partners. These services cover both digital and physical services, collections and activities.

$1.67 million is proposed for Sport and Recreation which includes the planning for and management of recreation facilities like sporting pavilions and ovals, management of local sporting club relationships, bookings and events, and overall strategic sport and recreation planning and project delivery through the annual capital works program.

$1.64 million is proposed for Activation and Festivals to support the delivery of local festivals and events to enhance and support local tourism under the Festival City Program. This includes the management of activation and tourism programs and initiatives across the City in line with the Tourism Visitation Strategy, and the festive season program and Council’s New Year’s Eve celebration.

$1.4 million is proposed for Arts and Culture to support the development, implementation and promotion of artistic and cultural practices, events, and artworks within the City of Maribyrnong. It also supports local arts organisations and artist in-residence programs, and the management of Council’s Art and Heritage Collection.

$1.4 million is proposed for Economic Development to support the local business community, with a focus on the growth of both new and existing businesses, and the management of Council’s relationships with its business community. It also supports partnerships with peak bodies and government agencies, provides advice on conducting commercial activities in the municipality, Smart City initiatives, and deliver’s Council’s Business Improvement District grant program.