Our City, like many around the world, is facing mounting pressure from a changing climate and a growing population. Along with increased demand on facilities and services, more people also means more cars on the road, longer wait times in traffic, and more emissions polluting our air and local environment.

Riding a bike, even for just one trip a day, can not only ease traffic congestion and reduce emissions, it can also bring long-term benefits to your health and wellbeing – not to mention it can be lots of fun, regardless of age or ability!

Council has installed 40km of bike paths across our City as part of our commitment to support bike riding as a safe mode of transport to access services and facilities. In this year’s budget, $6.947 million has been allocated toward developing and upgrading pedestrian and bike paths – you can learn more about what we’re currently progressing in the ‘what we’re doing’ section below.

What we are doing - current projects

What we are planning - our future network

You can find more information on our thinking and future plans in the Maribyrnong Bicycle Strategy 2020-2030 under the ‘document library’.

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