We’re going dotty in Yarraville Village – polka dotty to be precise.

Polka dots are an innovative traffic calming treatment – literally painted onto the pavement – proven to reduce driver speeds in areas where there is the potential for conflict between vehicles and pedestrians.

But – on the back of concerns by some community members – we’re taking additional safety precautions at the trial installation sites at:

  • Anderson/Ballarat Street intersection (southern end of the new Outdoor Dining pop-up park)
  • Canterbury/Ballarat Street intersection (between the old and new pop-up park)
  • Bend of Anderson Street with Willis Street intersection

The purpose of the colourful pattern is to attract the driver’s eye encouraging them to slow and approach the space with caution, increasing their awareness of other road users such as the elderly, children, and cyclists.

During the initial phases of the trial we’ve heard concerns by some in the community regarding the safety of child pedestrians and have modified the trial – including installing temporary speed cushions – to address this.

Council will continue to actively monitor each of the locations to measure and evaluate road users’ interactions and implement further modifications to enhance safety as required.

Research overseas has shown motorists drive six to seven kilometres an hour slower when they encounter the colourful painted dots. Our trial is designed to understand if those results can be replicated in Maribyrnong to enhance the safety of all road users.

We want to hear from you

It’s important we hear from you to understand any additional concerns or comments and to gauge how well the innovative treatment is working.

Have a stroll around Yarraville Village and provide your feedback by completing the quick poll or share your thoughts on the virtual ideas wall below.

More information

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Important Links for further information about this project.

Results from Yarraville Festival Poll

During the Yarraville Festival 2021 (Sunday 29 March), Council officers hosted a community conversation between 10am – 4pm, seeking feedback from visitors on the polka dots trial.

Among the conversations had, visitors were asked to respond to a quick poll. The question asked was: “Would you support the continuation of the polka dots trial if it is shown to contribute to the safety of all road users travelling through the area?”.

There were a total of 176 responses this question with 68% (120 responses) responding 'yes’, 23% (41 responses) responding ‘no’ and 9% (15 responses) responding ‘unsure’.