Ministerial approval sought to include Amendment in the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme

Council adopted the West Footscray Neighbourhood Plan (WFNP) 2022, which includes land use zones and new built form guidelines developed in consultation with the community in 2018, at its October meeting.

The changes, formerly known as Amendment C162, applies to the West Footscray Neighbourhood Activity Centre (Barkly Village) and land east of the centre connecting to West Footscray Railway Station. They support the expansion and concentration of retail activity and commercial opportunities while strengthening street-level activity, a diverse mix of housing types and sizes to meet anticipated housing needs, and higher-density apartment forms in preferred locations near public transport.

The planning panel appointed to consider the amendment concluded it was well-founded and strategically justified as it would bring a number of benefits to the West Footscray community by facilitating economic opportunities, street-level activity and public space in Barkly Village.

Council is now seeking the approval of the Minister of planning to incorporate Amendment C162 in the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme.


The Amendment focuses on four precincts:

Precinct 1

West Footscray Neighbourhood Activity Centre (Barkly Village)

Precinct 2

Barkly Street East - northern side

(northern side of Barkly Street between Summerhill Road and Gordon Street)

Precinct 3

West Footscray Railway Station (4, 6 and 8 Cross Street)

Precinct 4

Barkly Street East – southern side

(southern side of Barkly Street between Barkly Village and Whitten Oval)

Key changes include:

  • Extend the Commercial 1 Zone to cover majority of Precinct 1 to expand commercial and retail opportunities in Barkly Village.
  • Insert Schedule to the General Residential Zone and apply to Precinct 2 to enable low-rise (4 storey) apartments with front garden character.
  • Rezone land in Precinct 3 to Mixed Use Zone to facilitate apartments with ground floor uses to support local residents and commuters (e.g. café, newsagent, drycleaner).
  • Introduce new built form controls (Design and Development Overlay) to Precincts 1, 2 and 3 to establish strong character, enhance public realm and protect amenity.
  • Introduce new local policy, including a framework to guide potential transition of existing car yards and service industries in Precinct 4 to mixed commercial and residential use.
  • Apply the Environmental Audit Overlay to select sites to ensure land is remediated before residential use occurs.

More detailed information can be found in the Explanatory Report and Information Brochure in the Document Library, where there are also FAQ's and a map of the proposed changes.

The proposed amendment was open for public comment from Friday 6 November to Monday 14 December 2020.

CLOSED: This survey has concluded.

Submission form Amendment C162

Amendments to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme must follow the process legislated by the State Government in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. Due to this, your name and contact details are required for Council to consider submissions and ensure you are part of the process.

Consultation has concluded