New streetscape plan endorsed

A new streetscape plan for Bunbury Street in Footscray, a key civic heritage road, and an important connection between the Footscray Train Station, Maribyrnong River, and the arts precinct, was endorsed by Council at a meeting on 25 July 2023.

The plan is premised on a Shared Space concept that provides for:

  • cyclists and vehicles sharing the road in a low-speed environment
  • new tree planting and landscaping
  • kerb extensions at intersections
  • maintaining on-street parking
  • footpath and lighting improvements

$300,000 has been provided in this year's Budget to undertake the necessary detailed design prior to any construction. This will include:

  • advocating the Department of Transport and Planning for a further reduction in speed to 30 km/h along Bunbury Street to make it safer for cyclists to ride with general traffic
  • developing a tree conservation and planting plan to help manage the selection of replacement tree species
  • investigating the overhead bunding or undergrounding of existing power lines on the south side of the street to improve growing conditions for trees

Additionally, Council will be investigating the potential for improving resident parking on the back of residents' concerns raised during engagement.

Construction works will be considered as part of the 2024/25 Budget process.

You can view the endorsed concept plan below on download from the document library.

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Bunbury Street current state and future vision

What we heard?

We engaged on three draft concept options in November/December 2022 informed by conversations with residents that began in the second quarter of 2021 around the poor health of the street trees, strategic context, and seeking to understand initial thoughts around the future streetscape.

We also spoke with stakeholders including the Footscray Community Art Centre, Artlife Group, Heritage Advisory Committee, Indigenous Groups, Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC), and Metro Trains.

Along with feedback received during these various discussions, of the 29 respondents who provided formal feedback on the options, 'Separated Pathways' was the most popular, closely followed by 'Light Touch' (since renamed 'Shared Space') and 'New Link".

In April 2023, a revised 'Shared Space' option, reflecting community comments, was shared with residents during a targeted door knock.

Feedback has remained consistent across all the conversations and is summarised below.

The community supported

Community concerns included

In mid-2021, we started a conversation with residents around potential streetscape improvements where you told us you supported:

  • green space and greater tree canopy, and valued the heritage trees
  • recognition of the heritage of the site (indigenous and colonial) and connection with Footscray, the River, and the arts precinct
  • improved maintenance of footpaths, trees and verges
  • active transport on Bunbury Street - dependent on how this was delivered.