Metro Trains Melbourne and Maribyrnong City Council are studying traffic movements in the area to understand transport issues in the area. The data collected will be used to understand the queue build-up at the highlighted intersections as well as the travel patterns of vehicles travelling through the area.

This data will then be analysed to identify opportunities for safety improvements to support vehicle and pedestrian movements.

We’ll be using cameras affixed to existing light poles and traffic monitors on the ground to gather data, and it will be undertaken over a period of a week in December 2021.

The three study types being conducted are:

  • Queue surveys, to observe vehicle waiting times at identified intersections
  • Turning movement counts, to understand the amount of vehicles travelling through the area and their speed
  • Origin destination surveys, to understand traffic origin and destinations

The survey was due to take place from 12-26 July 2021 but was delayed due to scheduling issues with the contractor and the Victorian COVID-19 lockdown.

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